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A roof is the first level of protection against the elements, which in the UK generally means rain. Flashing is a crucial part of roof building and maintenance. In simple terms, it protects the joints from water damage. This means that using a reputable company such as S.T. Constructions Ltd to undertake lead work in London is a crucial part of roof building and maintenance. Lead Work in London – a Historic Technique which has Lasted for a Reason The use of lead as a roofing material dates back centuries and the fact that it has lasted the test of time so well is a clear indication of its effectiveness. Lead work in London can be seen on a huge range of buildings, from modern flats to historic churches. In very simple terms lead work in London generally refers to installing flashing anywhere there is a projection from a roof (or from an exterior wall). In principle, however, the term lead work in London can also refer to installing lead flashing anywhere on the exterior of a building... See more
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