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This project involved the renovation of the main and dormer roofs on a property. The restoration of the main roof began with the removal of the old interlocking tiles, battens, and bituminous felt. This was followed by the alignment of the rafters. We then installed PIR insulation. This is more formally known as polyisocyanurate insulation and it is a hugely energy-efficient and, therefore, environmentally-friendly form of insulation. It also has a particularly long lifespan, making it even more cost-effective. Part of the reason for this is that it is very resistant to mould and, therefore, does not typically rot or decay. It also tends to hold its shape well rather than succumbing to sagging. This means that unlike other forms of insulation it is unlikely to need to be replaced unless the building reaches an age where significant renovation work is to be expected. As an added bonus PIR insulation usually only needs to be half as thick as more traditional forms of insulation, meaning that it can be used as a way to optimize space in areas where every centimetre counts. We then laid a breathable membrane for extra insulation and proof against condensation, followed by an eaves protection strip, battens, and GRP dry valleys. GRP stands for glass reinforced plastic, it is also known as fibreglass. GRP dry valleys are a modern alternative to the traditional lead and zinc valleys and have the benefits of being robust and durable as well as lighter than metal. Another advantage is that they can be fitted without mortar. We then laid out natural slates from Paramo Reyes®. This is highly-skilled work which should only ever be undertaken by a building company which employs staff with the relevant training and ideally previous experience. Natural slates are far more challenging to install than artificial slates and so it is critical to work with a contractor which understands the difference.

For the dormer roof, we undertook a complete renovation of the hipped and gabled dormers. This included fitting lead soakers and new flashing at window frames as well as installing natural slates from Paramo Reyes®. This dormer roof had the necessary structural strength to support the extra weight of natural slate as opposed to the artificial slate which is more commonly used. Also the fact that the dormer roof was being renovated at the same time as the main roof and all tiles were being changed made it possible to avoid potential issues with finding new tiles to be a perfect match with the existing ones.

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Project Area: Streatham SW16

Budget: N/A

Timeframe: -

Category: Pitched roofs

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