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MAYALL ROAD in London SE19


This project consisted of two parts, the main roof and the extension roof, each of which required individual treatment.

For the main roof, we stripped off the existing artificial slates, battens, and bituminous felt. With the roof cleared, we then laid out quilted insulation to improve energy efficiency and decrease running costs, we then added a breathable membrane to support this and to reduce condensation. This was followed by the laying out of battens and the installation of a new set of artificial slates. We then upgraded the previously-existing lead valley with the new GRP Waterproofing Cure It System®. This offers a number of advantages over traditional lead valley. First of all, it is extremely long-lasting and durable. It is resistant to cuts and so less likely to suffer storm damage and will also tolerate UV light and extreme heat. In fact, it is designed to cope with the temperature variations which are characteristic of the UK climate. We then set up a Uni-Vent Rapid Ridge System® to ensure waterproof and long-lasting fixing for the ridge and hip tiles. This was followed by the complete restoration of the parapet walls in the main property and the replacement of the old skylight. Finally, the work was completed with lead work all around – step flashing, apron flashing, soakers and drip intersection lead elements.

The refurbishment of the extension roof started with the same process of stripping off artificial slates, battens, and bituminous felt. It was decided that no insulation was required here, but we added a breathable membrane, which also acts as a form of insulation while helping to prevent condensation, additionally we installed an eave protective strip and battens prior to installing a fresh set of artificial slates. In many cases, artificial slates are the only feasible choice for extensions for a number of reasons. Even when a budget stretches to genuine slates, the weight of genuine slate may simply make it impractical to use them on an extension roof. There are also a number of technical challenges relating to their installation and maintenance, which would make them an inappropriate choice. For example, genuine slate tiles are made in lots so it can be difficult to find new tiles which are a perfect match for the existing ones. Hence, with genuine slate property owners may have to make a choice between having an extension roof look different to the main roof or having to pay for complete re-roofing. The use of artificial slate avoids all of this. Finally, we undertook the complete restoration of the parapet wall on the extension.

Project Details

Project Area: London SE19

Budget: N/A

Timeframe: 2 weeks

Category: Pitched roofs

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