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WHITELY ROAD in Gypsy Hill SE19


This property was in need of a significant refurbishment project in three key areas – the main roof, the dormer roof, and the extension roof.

All three parts needed to be stripped of old interlocking tiles, battens, and bituminous felt. The main and dormer roofs needed the existing timber work to be removed and disposed of responsibly. Each specific roof area then needed further work as appropriate to its situation.

For the main roof, an entirely new roof structure needed to be installed, starting with the building up of trusses. This was followed by quilting insulation, which improves energy efficiency and hence makes a building more environmentally friendly (as well as more economical to run). Breathable membrane was placed on top of this, improving insulation still further and combating condensation. After this, we installed an eaves protection strip and battens and laid out artificial slates. Artificial slate offers the attractive appearance of genuine slate but has many advantages over it. The first benefit is cost. Even though the colour, shape and texture of the tiles are virtually identical to the genuine article, artificial slate tiles are significantly more affordable. They are also vastly lighter, which makes it feasible to install them in properties which would be unable to support the weight of genuine slate tiles without major refurbishment to provide the necessary structural support.

Artificial slate tiles are also massively easier in terms of both installation and maintenance. Installing genuine slate tiles is far more challenging than installing artificial slate tiles and any errors could lead to serious structural problems further down the line. Genuine slate tiles are also a challenge to maintain since they have a tendency to break if pressure is applied to them, for example if something falls on them in a storm and as they are made in lots, it can be hard to find replacement tiles which are an exact match. Once the tiling was completed, we set up a Uni-Vent Rapid Ridge System®, fitted fascias, soffits and guttering and undertook flashing.

For the dormer roof, we set up a complete new polygonal dormer, including the building up of the framework. Otherwise, the work was large as for the main roof, with the exception that we also had to build up new valley boards and fix the lead valley.

For the extension roof, we had to replace all common rafters and align the corbel stone and the wall plate. Most of the rest of the work were as for the main and dormer roofs and we also undertook a complete restoration of the property's parapet walls.

Project Details

Project Area: Gypsy Hill SE19

Budget: N/A

Timeframe: 1 Month

Category: Pitched roofs

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