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LONDON ROAD in Croydon CR7


We undertook a complete re-roofing project, starting with laying out quilted insulation for environmental friendliness and improved energy efficiency. This was followed by a breathable membrane, which both supports the effect of the insulation and helps to prevent condensation, along with an eves protection strip and battens. When this was all completed, we were then able to lay out Double Roman® interlocking tiles using at eave course a Kro-Clips®. Double Roman ® are concrete tiles, meaning that they are particularly resistant to hail, wind and fire, provided that they are installed in the correct manner and that the roof on which they are installed is strong enough to support the additional weight as they are heavier than more traditional clay tiles. This makes them a popular choice for commercial buildings. They also have a place in the renovation of residential properties because another of their benefits is that concrete tiles are better able to withstand the temperature variations in the UK since they do not expand and contract with changing temperatures in the same way as clay tiles. In climate's such as the UK's clay tiles have a tendency to shatter in late winter or early spring as freezing temperatures alternate with milder ones. This can prove expensive, particularly since clay tiles typically cost more than concrete ones. A slight disadvantage of concrete tiles over clay ones, particularly in the UK, is that they do have a higher rate of water absorption, which can lead to maintenance issues unless installation includes measures to address this. We used a Uni-Vent Rapid Ridge System® to provide secure and weatherproof fixing for the ridge tiles. We did render repairs to the chimney stack for further weatherproofing. We installed deep flow gutters and downpipes. Finally, we undertook lead work - chimney aprons, back gutters and flashing.

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Project Area: Croydon CR7

Budget: N/A

Timeframe: 1 Week

Category: Pitched roofs

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