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The project involved a complete refurbishment of both the main and the extension roofs on the property. Both roofs needed to be completely stripped, which involved stripping off the slates along with the battens and the bituminous felt.

Then we set out breathable membrane, eaves protection strip, and battens and laying out artificial slates. The use of artificial slates reduced the weight of the roof and made installation simpler and, therefore, quicker than when using genuine slates. Likewise the use of a Uni-Vent Rapid Ridge System® offers a modern and effective approach to ensuring secure and watertight fixing for the ridge and hip tiles. Fitting new fascias and guttering, and undertook lead work all around – apron flashing, step flashing with soakers. 

For the extension roof, we needed to align the rafters correctly prior to setting out a breathable membrane, eaves protection strip and battens, laying out artificial slates. Artificial slates are often preferable to genuine slate tiles for extensions as they are lighter and, therefore, place fewer structural demands on the fabric of the extension. Insulation was not held to be necessary for the extension roof, but the use of a breathable membrane does provide a certain degree of insulation as well as some proof against condensation. As with the main roof, the extension roof also required a complete restoration of the parapet walls. We repaired the brickwork and reinforced the parapet with helibars. To complete the project we repointed the chimney and sealed the original skylight before undertaking lead work all around. For the main roof, this involved step flashing, apron flashing, chimney welded apron and soakers and for the skylight area, it involved welded apron and back gutter, step flashing and soakers. The extension roof was finished off with new fascias and guttering.

For the extension roof, we had to replace all common rafters and align the corbel stone and the wall plate. Most of the rest of the work were as for the main and dormer roofs

Project Details

Project Area: Catford SE13

Budget: N/A

Timeframe: 3 Weeks

Category: Pitched roofs

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